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Highland x Short Horn

Olaf and Gang

~ See all of their antics on instagram at olaf_and_gang ~


It all started in the summer of 2022.  We brought home a couple of Highland Shorthorn  cross cattle.  The goal was to breed and be able self-sustain a supply of beef for ourselves.  I set about the serious work of winning over our stand-offish herd with snacks, and soon their personalities began to shine through and the joy of having Highland cows made us realize how grateful we were to have been blessed with these cows.  Meet the current herd. 

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The top dog, and quite possibly the most docile and entertaining bull you would ever happen to meet.  He takes playtime seriously, never has a harsh look, and loves a good scratching.


The matriarch of the herd.  It took a bit to win her over, but once we were besties (many snacks later), she is quite possibly the gentlest cow you could hope for. 


Star is Maggie's first calf, she is rarely up for human interaction unless it involves snacks.  She will be dropping her first calf in 2024.


Harvey is our first calf, he nearly didn't survive the first night, but he was such a strong calf that once he was warmed up he proved his moxy.  Maggie is a stellar mom who drops a nice-sized calf. Perhaps Harvey should have been steered as everyone tells me, but instead, I have plans for an A2/A2 Guernsey girlfriend for him and they shall make lovely babies together and we shall reap the rewards of grassfed milk with the proper protein content.

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