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Your body was designed to use food as a healing power to keep you healthy and vibrant. 

I am on a mission to empower people to find their true beauty both inside and out.  This is accomplished through the healing power of nutrition and creating inner tranquility.  We work towards the balancing of your inner workings and the use of non-toxic skin care, so you will experience the reflective glow of natural youthful beauty on the outside.

My Story that became My Mission

It all began with teenage acne that relentlessly followed me into adulthood.  I used Accutane briefly, then took low grade antibiotics for several years to clear my skin.  Afterwards I tried every topical solution I could find to keep my skin clear, but none of them worked.  In my mid-thirties, a diagnosis of Lyme's disease which required several treatments of antibiotics (that added eczema to the list of frustrations), and did not improve my condition, but instead left me very sick, tired, arthritic, and more susceptible to illness. 

My days began by looking in the mirror and being unhappy with the skin conditions that glaringly greeted me each morning.  Then a long day of sore joints, abdominal discomfort, and extreme exhaustion by 6 pm.  I was only in my mid-thirties, I knew that this was not living, it was merely surviving.  With a husband and 5 kids I had a lot to live for! 

Modern medicine could not offer me any solutions, so I turned to naturopathic medicine. 

I majored in medicine and biology in college with a minor in chemistry so delving into the science behind how food interacts with our bodies on a microbiology level was something I enjoyed.  As I began to put into practice the use of food as medicine I was astonished at the changes I saw and felt. 

I also watched our now adopted daughter make significant strides in every day functioning after removing inflammatory foods from her diet.  Now after years of pursuing a deeper knowledge of how the microbiome, vitamins and nutrients,  diet, and intermittent fasting influence our bodies, I want to share the information with others who want to experience the powerful impact of food as health care.


Who I am:

*Mom of 6 kids

 -4 biological  2 adopted  

*Wife to an amazing husband for 18 years.  There's a lot of grace required to do life together!

*Adoptive parent

*Someone who has struggled to accept and love who I saw in the mirror 

*Advocate for the use of nutrition as health care

*A woman who gets up everyday determined to do life a little better today than yesterday

*A girl who truly believes the Lord has a plan for each and every person and is loved fiercely by Him

*Skin Expert at The Spa Dr.

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