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Organic Spa Event
2 hr   Free/Prices Vary
max 10-12 people
email or call/text to discuss location and details
Featuring an organic skincare line & nutritional education in relation to skin
Book an event that features an organic skincare line and teaches how the skin in a magic mirror that reflects your inner health. The primary focus being on the powerful impact of nutrition in relation to skin.  Guests take a skin quiz to learn their primary skin type and receive information and education on how to make specific modifications to have the best results for more youthful glowing skin.  Plus they will get to experience a facial using organic EWG verified skin line.

Our Services

  • We will look into lifestyle changes that will impact from the inside o

    1 hr

    45 US dollars
  • Continued contact to work towards the desired outcome.

    30 min

    20 US dollars
Healthy Made Simple
1 hr 30 min to  2 hrs
$10 per person
email or call/text to discuss location and details
Taking all the health advice swirling around, simplifying it, and making it doable.
In this seminar topics such as using nutrition as healthcare, balancing hormones, skincare, how to use essential oils safely, plus much more will be presented in an easy to understand format.  The wellness talk will be accompanied by samples of nutritional meals by a local company as well as a Beauty Counter cosmetic representative and an essential oil representative.
Length of time can be altered to fit needs.  Time of day is also negotiable.  Also a flat rate instead of per person pricing is available.
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