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As a holistic skincare leader, I want to ensure that you have the very best products for your skin.  All products featured on this page have been carefully vetted to ensure I present you with only the best.  

This page contains affiliate links.  Any purchase you make by clicking through these links will result in my receiving a commission at no cost to you.

Spa Dr
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be wild. be beautiful

Annmarie is an incredible skincare company as well.  I have been using them for years and find them invaluable in my self-care routine. 

Since 2009, Annmarie Skin Care has been making products with intention, using a 3-step, Honest. Wild. Beautiful. proprietary process. All ingredients are hand-selected, then infused in base oils and aloe juice, and then crafted using additional plant extracts and ingredients to make them as effective as possible. The result is beautiful, glowing skin.

Just Thrive
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Why is the topic of SURVIVABILITY so important when we discuss probiotics?? Check this out: Researchers discovered that the body’s naturally harsh stomach acid, which is necessary for digesting all types of foods, kills off 99.99% of the probiotic strains in the major sources of probiotics...long before those products could even get to the small intestine. Yogurts, greek yogurts AND the majority of probiotics on the retail market do not survive passage through the harsh stomach environment and so, are dead on arrival to the intestines. (YIKES, not what you thought you paid for!)

SO what does that mean to YOU? If you’re taking a probiotic that does NOT arrive alive to the intestines, they simply pass through your body without providing any health benefit at all. How could they - they are dead!

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Contains three clinically tested prebiotics that selectively nourish and support beneficial gut bacteria.


The products at Philosophie are not only incredibly nutritious but they are also SO. VERY. YUMMY.  You will wonder how you lived without them.

Each of the Philosophie Superfood + Protein Blends is vegan, raw, gluten-free, and has absolutely no filler ingredients. The detoxifying Green Dream blend, beautifying Berry Bliss blend, and energizing Cacao Magic blend contain nothing but the purest, most healing ingredients that have been deemed “superfoods” due to their exceptional nutrient density. Because these blends can be added to absolutely any food, it is easy to enrich every meal with the amazing health benefits of the world’s most potent superfoods. When the body receives optimal nourishment from these wholesome, plant-based sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals, it more readily releases unneeded material and toxins, leaving you feeling renewed and vibrantly healthy.

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to save 15%


Paleovalley makes some of the top products I couldn't live without.  Their Vitamin C is tops in my book and we all love the beef sticks, and turkey sticks.  Red meat can have an influence on our estrogen levels so I like having a delicious alternative to their beef sticks.  The OrganComplex is a fantastic way to incorporate some essential vitamins and nutrients through whole foods. 

Use the code JenniferGarn10 to save 10% on your purchase.

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This page contains affiliate links.  Any purchase you make by clicking through these links will result in my receiving a commission at no cost to you.

Please shop with confidence knowing that each of these companies are highly reputable and the efficacy of their products is proven.  These are products I use myself and for my family.  As more products are added be assured that I continue to bring you only items that I truly believe are some of the best on the market and have scientific backing.

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