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Registered Guernsey
Grass fed A2A2 milk

Flye is a registered Guernsey cow, who is a first time freshener (first time producing milk).  She is not producing to her full potential because we needed her to put on weight, however, we are currently pleased with her output and she has gained weight nicely. She has a nice cream layer that makes an excellent butter and also froths and whips beautifully. 

She was tested and is an A2A2 protein milk producer. These proteins are easier for many to digest. Many choose goats milk for the A2 proteins and it is also the protein most similar to that found in breast milk. 

Flye is grass fed and supplemented with organic alfalfa.  This allows her to produce the healthiest milk she possibly can, high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. When fresh grass is not available she is fed hay baled by us ensuring a clean food source. 

Pasture Raised GMO-free Eggs

Milk with full cream line (~1 1/2 - 2 inches of cream)   

1 gallon $10   1/2 gallon $5

Milk with reduced cream line (~1/4 inch of cream)     

1 gallon $8     1/2 gallon $4

Pint of cream  $6

** It is helpful if you bring your own containers for the milk. I can fill them with fresh milk for you, or as a regular customer you can even leave jars here and they will be filled and ready for you to take whenever you need them.

We love to feed our chickens well!  They enjoy food scraps from our kitchen nearly daily, and forage for fresh greenery and bugs every day.  Their feed is a high-quality non-GMO feed from Kalmach Farms.

We used to feed organic but didn't have the market for the price of the eggs, so we searched for another clean feed and Kalmach Farms had a quality feed in Non-GMO with excellent ingredients, giving a superior egg for a lower price. Kitchen scraps are organic produce and their forage area is diverse and free of pesticides.  We invite you to try our eggs, we think you will definitely see the difference!  

We offer eggs that are pulled from the coop clean with their bloom intact and able to be kept on the counter.  Also available are refrigerated eggs, ones that may have needed a little dirt cleaned off and must be refrigerated. 

1 dozen $6

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