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What best fits your lifestyle and commitment level?

  • Magic Mirror Forum

    Every month
    Loving the reflection that greets you each morning
    Valid for one month
    • Ongoing support in a group format
    • Access to weekly Live Sessions with a Q & A time
    • Nutritional support via recipes and access to meal plans
    • Promos from companies that are nutrition focused
    • Ask a question and have a panel of specialists to answer
  • 2 week Program

    Clear Skin From Within power program to see results quickly
    Valid for one month
    • Detailed Format to get clearer more youthful skin quickly
    • Includes All in One daily shake and Nutrient packet
    • Daily Essentials 4 Step Skincare System
    • 2 week Meal Plan with shopping list
    • Zoom Sessions once every week
    • Hints on how to prepare for the 2 week session
    • Discount at store to purchase additional items if desired
    • $750 Value
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