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Mini At-Home Facial

Your skin is your largest organ. It has the ability to both absorb and release toxins, as well as vitamins and minerals. Taking time to care for what is arguably one of your most important body parts is far from vain. Instead it is an essential part of both health and self-care. Undeniably, when our skin is radiant and glowing it is a sign that both our insides and our outside is being cared for.

Making it to the spa as often as needed to properly give our skin the TLC it requires can be nearly impossible. Instead in just 5 steps and 25-30 minutes we can do a full treatment right in the comfort of our own homes. Pick a morning when you have just a few extra minutes and implement this routine. Once a week or even bi-weekly is the ideal, but once a month should be doable for everyone!

Let's break down the 5 steps and the most efficient ways to implement them. For each step I will also give you my favorite products to utilize.

Step 1:

Cleanse. You probably do this every morning, so easy peasy 1st step! It is key to use a cleanser that is the same pH of your skin, so you are not stripping it of oils and leaving it feeling dry. And are also keeping the microbiome healthy and intact and performing its duty of bad stuff out, good stuff in. Also, utilize a cleanser that fits your skin type. Oily, dry, anti-aging, etc.

Step 2:

Exfoliate. Just a minute more of your time and you can gently remove old dead skin cells that dull your complexion and clog pores. The key is to use a product that is not abrasive and instead is gentle on your skin and does not damage the outer layers and disrupt the microbiome.

Step 3:

Steam. This is a 10 minute step. Put some water on to boil before you begin cleansing and it will be nice and hot by this time. I prefer to use a large glass or ceramic bowl and put a drop of lavender and geranium essential oils in the bowl and pour the water of them. Lavender and Geranium are anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving, and help to balance the skin. Drape a towel over your head and the bowl and keep your face above the steam and from being burned. This next 8-10 minutes is an excellent time to meditate or pray. Relax, enjoy the aromatherapy. Consider having an oversized or prettier hand towel just for this activity.

Step 4:

Mask. This, like cleansing, is an important step to match to your skin type. You can even do a 2 part approach to this. You may want to remove excess oils, or infuse with minerals to boost your glow, then follow up with an intense moisturizer to deeply hydrate. I like to use the water in the bowl from steaming to initially rinse, allowing the essential oils to continue to work. More warm

water will be needed to finish rinsing.

Step 5:

Love your reflection. Finish with your regular skincare regimen Don't have one, time to start one! Contact me for personalized recommendations. And remember, perfect skin is nearly impossible, but by caring for both your insides and your outside, you will see a major improvement in your reflection

Click here for a printable version of this 5 step mini facial routine

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